TOOL CRIB ASSISTANT software, the easy to use and reasonably priced solution to manage your tools!

With tool management software from Saltbox Systems Group (SSG), you'll know what you have and where to find it.
The TOOL CRIB ASSISTANT enables manufacturers, contractors and maintenance groups to gain control of their inventories. We know that it's not just about tracking your tools, it's about managing your assets. 


  • You know what's currently available for use
  • You know what's in your inventory
  • Tool tracking is accomplished with the push of a button instead of a hopeful walk around the shop

Our tool management systems are more than tool tracking software - they offer the ability to truly manage a critical and valuable resource, to help answer questions like...

  • How many of this item have we used in the last year?
  • Do we have items in inventory we don't really need?
  • What tools are out of service, and why?
  • What were our costs for items consumed or used last month?

Man pushing success button

"Shortly after installation we were able to cancel two orders that would have cost more than what we paid for the system."

SSG's software for tool cribs is in use throughout North America and in Aruba, Australia, Great Britain, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.

It's used by customers in manufacturing, mining, transportation, construction, maintenance & repair, petrochemicals, food processing, education and research & development.

Interestingly, what was developed as tool crib software is being used by customers who may never have come across a tool crib but need to manage their assets more effectively.

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The Pro I Edition

The newest edition of the TOOL CRIB ASSISTANT

More Flexibility

Supports Multiple Cribs

Let's you define and      track multiple  employees, jobs, customers, work orders and a whole lot more!

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You're on the way to tracking your tools!